Hi! I'm Walter.

Headshot of Walter I'm a father, husband, tinkerer, and lifelong learner of things.

Professionally, I mostly spend my days operating in that amorphous region of space between Data Science and Product Management. I'm fascinated by all things Machine Learning and AI, and I'm always looking for ways to leverage these technologies to make more informed decisions, and better products. The best part of my job, by far, is that I get to collaborate with a team of brilliant minds - developers, engineers, analysts, and designers. Together we turn budding ideas into tangible products, and honestly, they amaze me with their creativity and insight every single day.

My academic background is in Applied Mathematics, where I researched and contributed to the field of Population Dynamics and Epidemiology.

When not behind the keyboard, you can usually find me reading, running, chasing my toddler around, or planning my next adventure. According to my friends, if you were to lose me inside a bookstore, you'd most likely find me in the "World Domination" section...